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Boston Sculptors Gallery

Susan Lyman is represented by Boston Sculptors Gallery, where her third solo exhibition, "Sculpture in the Unmaking", is on view March 1-April 2, 2017.

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Collage by Susan Lyman, Orbit of Mars, 2012  by Susan Lyman
Susan Lyman


Ever since I moved to Provincetown in 1981, trees and woods – and the greater botanical world - have given me source, material, inspiration, and solace. I scavenge my materials at the beach, in the woods, and at local tree dumps. I then laminate, carve, construct and deconstruct these animated materials into hybrid relationships - often punctuated with color - that mimic the sensuality and imperfections of the human body.

I find a kindred spirit in British essayist John Fowles’ delightful ramble The Tree, in which he so aptly describes his native woods, "... there is certainly something erotic in them."  

I owe a debt of gratitude to this unique place and constant muse, Provincetown and  the Cape Cod National Seashore, and to the Fine Arts Work Center, whose original gift of a 7-month visual fellowship in 1981 brought me here. The presence and support of fellow artist scavengers, mentors, and friends, past and present, Paul Bowen, Michael Mazur, Bert Yarborough, Ewa Nogiec, and many others, is still felt in the surrounding woods, beaches, and dunes.